Denmark Horticulture Work Experience Program

Denmark exports its agricultural products, producing 3 times the amount of food it needs for itself.

According to online date available, there are about 500 hectares of greenhouse in Denmark and 375 of those are used for ornamental plants. Denmark has approximately 1700 greenhouse/nurseries.

Typical crops grown in a greenhouse setting include tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms, potted plants, cut flowers and bulbs. Field grown crops consist of cabbage, strawberry, beans, other fruits and berries. Nursery production specializes in growing trees, shrubs, roses and perennials. Most of the greenhouse production is dedicated to growing flowering pots and vegetables.

Denmark has taken many steps towards sustainability in how greenhouses are managed. One thing that has changed is lighting. Greenhouses in Denmark are looking into ways in which lighting costs can be reduced. Danish scientists are looking towards converting unused heat to renewable resources. Greenhouses in Denmark are all controlled by computer systems. The computer systems allow for climate control throughout the greenhouse in a single location.

One Year full time Program
Stipend Based On Field Work Experience Program