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Post-Graduation Program in HYDROPONICS FARMING (PGP – HF)

Need for an in-depth Program in Hydroponics Farming

  • Next level of modern farming
  • Saves 90% of Water compared to traditional farming
  • Catering to the segment which is health conscious as no pesticides or chemicals are used.
  • Already getting popular in cities
  • Eligibility – Graduation in Agriculture, Botany

The PGP HYDROPONICS FARMING Program is being offered with

Flora Consult – India’s leading Hydroponics Company

Flora Consult is promoted by Mr. Praveen Sharma, an agricultural engineer with wide experience in advanced commercial horticulture.
He has over three decades of experience in setting up projects in varied climatic zones of Middle East, Africa, and India. He has worked as Research Scientist, as Professors as Turnkey Project Consultant and as a successful Entrepreneur.

Company Profile

A company with 25 years’ experience in Hydroponics Technologies since 1997
Projects implemented in Africa, Middle East and India.
One of the pioneers in Hydroponics Technology with over 200 acres of large-scale Commercial Hydroponics Projects.

Duration & Format

Duration : 2 Years full time

Format : 1st Year Academic Program + 2nd Year On field Work

Why Hydroponics Farming is in High Demand

  • HF is the latest and modern agriculture methodology.
  • It saves usage of water compared to traditional farming. Hence its relevant to the future where water is going to of limited availability.
  • It's a newest form of urban farming where you can grow vegetables and fruits in your balcony/ terrace.
  • Vegetables and fruits are high in nutritional value as the micronutrients are fed in a proper manner
  • Fruits and Vegetables are residue free as there are no pesticides used.

Who should enroll for this unique course

  • For students who want to implement modem technology in farming
  • Who want to grow high product quality, in large quantities, in the small place and in a sustainable way without using chemicals and pesticides
  • For those who want to increase production- 3 to 10 times in the same space
  • For those who want to be in the first wave of urban farming business & want to grow exotic vegetables & fruits
  • For those who want to contribute to saving environment- using less water for farming.


  • Theory + Practical Experience
  • Acquire new skills through day-to-day hands-on experiences on actual farm
  • Opportunity to experience Future farming system
  • Exposure to a variety of technologies, skill-building experiences, and other relevant activities in order to further their knowledge and interests.
  • 2nd year on field practical Experience.
  • Dubai Tour - HF Farm visit

2nd Year – On Field Training

  • Real-life experience
  • Technologies and Management Strategies
  • On-the-job training has the added benefit of really learning how this system works; how to make on field decisions, potential in India & new Market availability!
  • One Year work experience Certificate from HF Industry

DUBAI Visit: (Study Tour to HF Farms)

  • Hydroponics is essentially a soil-less method of growing crops, which uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture.
  • Given the water scarcity issues in the Middle East, it is clear why hydroponics is a good fit for the region.
  • Hydroponic farming is also very appropriate given water scarcity issues. Adoption of hydroponics has been significant in the UAE, where over 200 farms now exist.
  • Thanks to these farms, locally grown produce accounted for 20% of total fruit and vegetable sales in the UAE in 2018.

Possible Farm Placements

  • Hydroponics Classification
  • Fundamentals of Hydroponics
  • Plant Protection
  • Introduction to pests
  • Plant Nutrients and Management
  • Crop Nutrition and requirement
  • Controlled Environment Greenhouse Designs
  • Types of hydroponic system
  • Post - Harvest management
  • Packaging and Presentation
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • International Compliances and Certifications
  • Global Market
  • Entrepreneurship Development and ethical business concepts

Fees Structure and Payment Schedule

PGP – Hydroponic farming CERTIFICATION FEES 1st Year stay & food cost in Pune
Student Development Training Program 2nd Year stay & food cost @ farm location
2nd Year On field program operational cost Passport expense for Dubai tour
Stipend in 2nd Year Food Expenses @ Dubai
Dubai Tour – Visa + Travel Expenses + Accommodation Medical Insurance

Career in Hydroponics

  • Hydroponics Growers
  • Hydroponics Equipment Marketing
  • Supervisors/ Managerial function of Hydroponics’ projects
  • Hydroponics Entrepreneur
  • Hydroponics Produce Marketing
  • After completion - International career opportunity
  • After completion - Student can set-up own HF farm
  • After completion - Student can join Indian HF companies / Farms
  • After completion - Student is eligible for all career options in Agribusiness sector

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Admissions Open for

  • Post-Graduation Program in HYDROPONICS FARMING from ProLearn India (PGP – HF)
  • Course Starts from 30th September 2021