Sweden Horticulture Work Experience Program

  • About half the area of Sweden is covered by forest. Mountains, marshes and lakes together cover approximately one third. The cultivated area is some 2,7 million hectares. This is about 6,5 per cent of Sweden’s total land area
  • In spite of its northerly location, Sweden enjoys a favourable climate. However, agriculture faces very different conditions in the north compared to the south.
  • The growing season is almost 100 days longer in the southern province of Skåne compared to Norrland in the north.
  • Fruit, vegetables, berries and decorative plants are cultivated professionally both outdoors and in greenhouses, mostly in the south of Sweden.
  • In 2005 horticultural production took place at 2 600 enterprises in Sweden. Three quarters of those enterprises had open air cultivation on 12 560 hectares. 1 000 enterprises had greenhouse cultivation on a total area of 300 hectares.
  • Carrots and iceberg lettuce are the most important vegetables, as regards cultivated area. Spinach and parsnip increased the most.