United States of America : Winery Work Experience Program

American wine has been produced for nearly 400 years

Today, wine production is undertaken in all fifty states, with California producing 89 percent of all US wine, and New Mexico being the oldest wine-producing region having started in 1628.

The United States is the fourth-largest wine-producing country in the world, after Italy, Spain, and France.

The North American continent is home to several native species of grape, including Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia, Vitis rotundifolia, and Vitis vulpina, but the wine-making industry is based almost entirely on the cultivation of the European Vitis vinifera, which was introduced by European settlers.

Many of the United States’ most popular wines are from the Napa region and the combination of the latest technology with the use of traditional techniques is what makes the difference in this area’s wine production.

  • Over 900,000,000 gallons of wine produced in 2017.
  • California makes 85% of all US wine.
  • US accounts for 12% of the world’s wine production.
  • The US leads the world in wine consumption.
  • In January 2019, there were 10,043 wineries in the US.
  • US wine exports reached $1.46 billion in value in 2018.
  • 95% of US exported wine comes from California.
  • Volume shipments reached 375 million liters or 41.7 million cases.
4 Months
Stipend Based On Field Work Experience Program