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Australia Career Development Program – Dairy Farming

Australia - ACDP

Australia Career Development Program – Dairy Farming

The dairy industry continues to be one of Australia’s most important agricultural industries, generating $13 billion across the whole supply chain. Australian dairy employs approximately 39,000 people directly – on dairy farms.

Australia produces a range of dairy products including milk, milk powder, yoghurt, butter and cheese.

Ranks fourth in total dairy trade volumes and holds a 7 per cent share. Exports are valued at around $2.7 billion each year. Exports over 40% of national milk production. Australia’s key export markets are Japan, China, South East Asia & Middle East.


According to the latest figures there are currently, 6,300 dairy farms in operation across Australia.

The continual growth in the industry has meant that many career opportunities have been created in the Australian agricultural sector and with this skills shortage in Australia for dairy farmers.

Many Dairy farmers down-under are using the Australian skilled immigration system to recruit personnel from overseas to fill vacancies. The Dairy farmers are looking to recruit interns with a formal Qualification in agriculture and Dairy Experience of working in another country.

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