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Pulses: Nourishes Soils and People

India having largest pulse-milling industry in world. Approximately 76% of global processing & milling capacity of pulses located in India.  Pulses comes under leguminous family use for both food &

How Government Boost Drone Farming?

In farming, besides spending money on fertilizers and seeds, labor wages constitute a significant financial challenge. In this scenario, technology has proven advantageous for farmers, although its implementation in farming

Fields of Flight: Drone Farming

Around 58% of India's population depends on agriculture for livelihood, but the sector's contribution to the GDP has declined. Despite economic growth, agriculture lags in income and technology compared to

Review- International Year of Millet-2023

The United Nation (UN) General Assembly has designated 2023 as the International Year of Millets, aligning with India's initiative to promote these resilient cereals. This declaration aims to highlight millets