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Portugal Horticulture Experience Program

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Portugal Horticulture Experience Program

Horticulture represents about 50% of the Portuguese agricultural added-value. The most important crops are wine grapes oranges, apples (3,000,000 t), pears (1.20 t), cole crops (5,000,000 t), peaches (1,200,000 t), processing tomatoes (7,000,000 t), potatoes (12,000,000 t).

Apple growing is dispersed in the centre/north, pears are concentrated in the centre/west, orange in the Algarve, potatoes and Cole crops dispersed in the centre/north and processing tomatoes in the Tagus valley and Alentejo. Vegetables for the fresh market are located in the Tagus valley and along the coast north of Lisbon. Greenhouses are located in the Algarve and along the west coast.

Agriculture in Portugal is based on small to medium-sized family-owned dispersed units; however, the sector also includes larger-scale intensive farming export-oriented agrobusinesses backed by companies (like Grupo RAR’s Vitacress, Sovena, Lactogal, Vale da Rosa, Companhia das Lezírias and Valouro). The extent of cooperative organization has been reaching a greater importance with globalization. Portugal produces a wide variety of products, including green vegetables, rice, corn, wheat, barley, olives, oilseeds, nuts, cherries, bilberry, table grapes and edible mushrooms.

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