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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Horticulture Experience Program

Grab the golden opportunity to upgrade your career with an international opportunity in the USA. Students who experience the Horticulture farming practices in the USA will have a distinct advantage over students who only study Horticulture elsewhere in theory lectures.

The USA is a world leader in agricultural science and serves as an important role model for countries around the world seeking to address global food challenges.

The United States implements some of the most advanced Horticulture technology in the world and students who do their internships in the USA have the opportunity to work and learn from these technologies.

This is particularly valuable for students from India where farmers still follows the traditional ways of farming. Through this USA experience, students can bring back to India the skills they learn and use it to teach alternative ways to grow crops and guide farmers to enhance their farm productivity and working efficiency.

Duration of Internship
Preparatory Period for Internship
Frequency of Placements
Type of Internship
6 Months to 12 Months
6 to 9 months
As per horticulture season durations in the USA (January onwards)
Earn and Learn (Stipend Based) on Farm Experience Internship Program