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Denmark Poultry Farming Experience Program

Started in June 2022, our 1 student has joined the poultry farming internship program in Denmark successfully.

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Denmark Poultry farming Experience Program

In Denmark there are around 200 poultry meat producers, the vast majority of these rear chickens and the Central Denmark Region has one of the highest concentrations of poultry meat producers in Denmark.

The Danish poultry meat production is fairly stable, annually, the sector produce around 125.000.000 birds. The production is organized as an industrial agricultural production, with fairly large-scale and modern production facilities in farms that house chicken flocks typically ranging between 20,000-40,000 birds, the average number of conventional birds produced annually pr. production facility is around 5,00,000

A relatively high share of export characterizes Danish poultry meat production, as more than half the production is exported. However, concurrently about half of the Danish consumption of poultry meat and poultry products is imported.

Duration of Internship
Preparatory Period for Internship
Frequency of Placements
Type of Internship
12 to 18 Months
6 to 9 months
Year round placements
Earn and Learn (Stipend Based) on farm experience internship program

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