Number of Students Enrolled Till Date : 1160                                                                                              International Internships Secured : 533

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Drawing on our extensive experience and partner network, we have expanded our offerings to include tailor-made programs in hotel/hospitality management since 2022. This initiative is known as the International Hotel/Hospitality Experience Program (IHEP).

ProLearn India proudly offers exclusive International Hotel Management Experience Programs (IHEP) in collaboration with leading organizations in Europe, United States of America, Middle East and Australia. Our IHEP is designed to elevate students’ skills and provide them with exposure to the latest practices and business expertise in the hospitality industry.

Participating in our program in IHEP offers students an exceptional opportunity to launch their careers in hotel management. The IHEP focuses on enhancing hotel/hospitality -oriented skill sets and experiencing contemporary industry practices, methodologies and exposure to global hotel/hospitality protocols.

To date, we have successfully placed 48 students in various Hospitality /Hotel management roles across Europe and Middle East, with 26 more currently in the placement process.

Key Features of PROLEARN's Hospitality / Hotel Experience Program

  • Students exclusively from hotel/hospitality education backgrounds.
  • Minimum one year of training experience.
  • Comprehensive training sessions conducted by senior hospitality professionals.
  • Cultural sensitization training specific to the destination country.
  • Foreign Language Training of the Country of Placement. For example – Germany, we have been training students till B1 level with a focus on conversational proficiency. For France Program, it will be French Language training.
  • Stringent background checks, including police clearance certificates, to ensure safety and integrity.
  • Documentation and parental involvement to ensure compliance with return protocols and prevent illegal stay.

The International Hospitality /Hotel Management Experience is more than just an internship opportunity; it’s a transformative experience that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and cultural competence to thrive in the global hospitality industry.

Departments of the Internship

  • Chef-Assistant: Supports the chef in food preparation, cooking, and kitchen operations.
  • Kitchen-Assistant: Helps with various tasks in the kitchen, such as cleaning, food preparation, and stocking supplies.
  • F & B (Food and Beverage) Staff: Handles serving customers, taking orders, delivering food and drinks, and ensuring a pleasant dining experience.
  • House Keeping Staff – Maintain cleanliness and orderliness by cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing spaces, while also ensuring guest satisfaction through timely service and attention to detail.

At PROLEARN, we emphasize learning over earning, guiding students to view their international stint as an opportunity for personal and professional growth rather than monetary gain. This philosophy has fostered a genuine interest among our students in pursuing hospitality exposure for durations ranging from three months to long-term placements.